Breffni Air specialise in bespoke stainless steel hvac ducting in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Due to our diverse industry experience and highly skilled welders and fabricators, we have developed a large portfolio of prestigious clients in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries who demand only the highest quality ducting.

Why choose Breffni Air stainless steel ducting?

Design engineers are requiring stainless steel ductwork in laboratories and research facilities due to the caustic or hazardous nature of the air being ventilated.  Stainless steel ducting is also necessary where certain corrosive substances are passing through usually at extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel’s extreme durability and longevity are among its cost saving benefits: it resists corrosion from harsh substances, such as salts used in food processing and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, providing years of use and thus cost savings without necessitating replacement. Further, stainless steel has greater strength than aluminum with the added bonus of being abrasion resistant. Its rigidity makes it an excellent choice for moving high volumes of air.



Whether its odour extraction, exhaust ventilation or heat/fume extraction, the process of welding stainless steel ducting is crucial as part of the manufacturing process at Breffni Air.

Our expert team are trained in the proper selection of filler metals, joint preparation, cleanliness and welding processes to help ensure that the final product meets the designated quality standards and retains its intended corrosion resistant qualities.

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