We manufacture a complete range of high-quality Ventilation (HVAC) Ductwork, together with a full range of associated products and general steel fabrication in accordance with DW 144 & SMACNA. Our ductwork systems can be made from galvanized or 304/316 stainless steel sheet metal 0.8mm to 1.6mm gauge.

We currently have the capacity to Fabricate, Supply and Install the following products:

HVAC Ductwork

Breffni Air is a leading provider of high-efficiency industrial and commercial HVAC systems manufactured from sheet metal and fabricated into spiral pipe, rectangular duct, oval duct and many other HVAC related products.

We design and manufacture ducting components to DW144 & SMACNA standard in galvanized and stainless steel, in both spiral and fully welded formats.

We manufacture and fabricate high-efficiency HVAC systems designed to last, conserve energy and outperform the competition. All of our products are proudly made in our facility in Ireland using domestic steel. Our designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts, anything is possible!

Acoustic Lined Ductwork

Breffni Air manufacture & install acoustically lined ductwork required for areas susceptible & sensitive to noise control. The ductwork is manufactured from 0.8mm to 1.2mm gauge galvanised sheet metal ductwork in accordance with DW 144 & internally or externally lined with acoustic material.

Such systems are used in auditoriums, offices, law chambers & plant rooms. Breffni Air have manufactured & installed this system from a range of suppliers such as Johns Manville & Knauf & Owens Corning.

Industrial Exhaust Systems

Breffni Air Ltd. manufacture & install galvanised steel and 304/316 stainless steel duct for industrial exhaust systems. These are manufactured to SMACNA specification.

These systems include:

  • VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • General Building Extract (heat extract from local manufacturing tooling)
  • Speciality Extract (including extract of carcinogenic fumes)
  • Scrubbed Exhaust (removal of corrosive fumes)

These systems extract from the source point of connection to air scrubbers where the contaminated air is treated before discharged through large centrifugal fans and discharge flue stacks.

Operating at high velocity and pressure requires the ductwork be fabricated from fully-welded and fully-flanged materials.

These systems are bespoke to the environment being installed as special care is to be taken to eliminate potential low points where a concentration of corrosive condensates may gather creating a weak point in the system.

Careful detailing and strict quality control of components during manufacturing ensures the integrity of the installed system giving the client assurance of the finished product.

The installed systems are 100% fully tested for leakage and validated through our rigorous quality system.

All systems are design-validated through direct liaison with the design team taking care that all instrumentation, test points, EPA monitoring points, pressure monitoring points and drains are captured prior to construction.

Fully coordinated routing drawings and detailed manufacturing drawings are compiled, issued to the client and agreed prior to commencing manufacture and install.

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