Why Choose EN Fire Rated Ductwork?

  • Conforms to the recent EN 12101-7 smoke extract standards which have superseded the old BS 476.
  • Tested to EN 1366-1 Fire Duct, Kitchen Extract & Pressurization, EN 1366-8 Multi compartment smoke extract, EN 1366-9 single compartment smoke extract
  • Designed to be easily installed, and provide the end user with a fast and quality solution for their client’s requirements.
  • Does not require any painting or sprays
  • Tested and certified by Exova Warrington and certificated installers by 3rd Party Accreditation Firas .
  • Our CE marking is our declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements within the industry.
  • Available insulated and uninsulated
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment (ISO 9001) factory in Cavan, Ireland ensuring stringent quality control, easy co-ordination due to sole responsibility and ultimately faster deliveries.

The purpose of Fire-resisting Ductwork

Ductwork can be designed and constructed to resist the passage of fire arising from either inside or outside the ductwork. However ducts carrying air are often left unprotected and designers anticipate that fire could penetrate the duct.

This is not a problem when the building is fire-compartmented except where the duct passes through a compartment wall or floor. The fire should be either arrested at the wall or floor or contained within the ductwork to prevent it spreading to the adjacent compartment.

Where the protection of the fire cannot be achieved using conventional fusible link fire dampers, the ductwork system in this case must be fire-resisting.

Breffni Air is one of Ireland’s leading specialist engineering and metal fabricators and is proud to now manufacture and install EN fire rated ductwork.

With a strong focus on manufacturing and delivering cost-effective, robust and innovative engineering solutions for our customers, Breffni Air build quality and durability into everything we do.

Now serving all UK and European markets. Please call us for more information on + 353 49 43 36554.