Breffni Air is qualified and certified to install specialist ventilation and exhaust systems associated with aggressive manufacturing processes.

These specialist systems are unique to large biopharmaceutical and blue chip data companies.

Chemical and Gas Exhaust Systems

Breffni Air Unltd. has successfully installed a wide range of chemical and gas exhaust systems throughout various manufacturing and industrial developments. We have developed and expanded on our client base through our dedication in delivering projects to the clients exacting specifications.

We have a dedicated team to facilitate this type of installation. Our team consists of an accumulation of experience and knowledge that is required for this kind of bespoke exhaust ventilation.

  • Project Management.
  • Design.
  • Procurement.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Pressure Testing.
  • Safety.

Teflon Coated Exhaust Systems

The systems are constructed from 304 or 316 stainless steel with either fluoropolymer or halar coatings applied to the internal surface of the ductwork to provide chemical resistance from corrosive chemicals exhausted during the manufacturing process.

Breffni Air has installed systems from Fabtech Inc & Viron Intl, both leading manufacturers in stainless steel coated ductwork.

Dual Laminate Halar Coated FRP

This system is constructed of a dual-laminate system. The corrosion resistant interior liner consists of a synthetic veil and glass reinforcement, saturated with a vinyl ester resin. Care must be taken that the installed system is properly supported as not to allow excessive stress on any joint and thus ensuring the integrity of the installed system.

Breffni Air has installed systems from Ats Inc, a leading manufacturer in glass fibre reinforced duct.

Dirivent and Ventilation Air Socks

Breffni Air has installed both Dirivent & air socks as required by client preference for type specific sectors.

Dirivent systems are high pressure & high velocity systems typically installed in warehouses where the ventilation is installed at high level to facilitate racks & shelving & free movement of fork lifts.

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